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MF72 NTC Thermistor

Power NTC Thermistor MF72 provides inrush current suppression for sensitive electronics. Connecting a MF72 in series with the power source will limit the current surges typically created at turn on. Once the circuit is energized the resistance of the MF72 will decrease rapidly to a very low value, power consumption can be ignored and there will be no effect on normal operating current. MF72 provides a most cost-effective way to curb surge current and protect sensitive electronics from damage.


• Small size

• High power handling capability

• Quick response to surge current

• High material constant (B value)

• Low residual resistance

• Long-term stability and reliability

• UL 1434 File# E241319

• CQC File# 04001010556


Operating Temperature-Min: -55°C

Operating Temperature-Max: 200°C

Current - Steady State Max: 100mA ~ 12A

R @ 25°C: 700 mOhms ~ 400 Ohms

R @ Current: 14 mOhms ~ 30.3 Ohms

R25 allowable tolerance: ±20%


Can be installed into the power circuits of power supplies and inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, energy saving lamps, electronic ballasts, filament protection of various types of lamps, some types of heaters. 

Note: Surge suppressors for higher power circuits are also available.

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